Economic wellness and generational wealth

Are you a woman who wants to protect the economic wellness of yourself and your family, and create generational wealth? Do you feel like estate planning is for someone else – surely not you? Are you having imposter syndrome thoughts about estate planning – I am not wealthy enough, I not ready, I don’t deserve an estate plan? If you answered yes to any of these questions, it is time for you to join us at the Ladies’ Estate Planning Tea™.

The Family story

Does your background and family story come with challenges that make it difficult for you to talk about estate planning? Perhaps, you didn’t grown up having dinner table conversations about finances? Well, we are here to help because – you are ready, you are enough, and you have what you need to put your estate plan in place.


Let’s gather around these ideas: family, career, faith, health, finances, and charitable giving. Whether we join you at a fancy hat gathering, denim and pearls celebration, gloves and heels party, women’s retreat, work event, or a tea for two occasion, we are ready to meet for a purpose.


Ladies’ Estate Planning Tea™ will inspire, inform, and empower you to put your estate plan in place. Estate planning is for us all. Yes, you too. – AJ Betts

What is Ladies’ Estate Planning Tea™

We have put together helpful resources, coaching sessions, workshops, and trainings to help you get over the estate planning hurdles that you face and create a roadmap for your loved ones.

Estate and Philanthropy Coach

Our coaching sessions (1:1 or group) will help you move things forward to protect your hard earned assets, and build wealth for generations. We also provide workshops for organizations. We’ll help you to overcome barriers to estate planning and reach your estate and charitable planning goals. Contact us for coaching and workshop information

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